If you’ve been shopping around for (or gazing longingly through store windows at) engagement rings or wedding bands, chances are you might already be familiar with the Four Cs. The letters represent important qualities to look for when selecting a diamond: Carat, clarity, color, and cut. (To learn more about these, check out this article from What’s Up? Weddings: http://whatsupmag.com/weddings/wedding-features/0808-diamonds.aspx.)

When you’ve got that down, there’s something else to consider: a newly added fifth C, which stands for chemistry. Apparently, scientists have developed brilliant cut jewelry that supposedly rivals the color and clarity of natural diamonds. They’ve named them DiamondAura. In an ad I saw for the lab-created stones, a 2.5 carat DiamondAura is compared to a mined flawless diamond in 6 categories. Here’s how they measured up:

In the hardness category, they both cut glass. Both were brilliant (cut) and “D” flawless (color). The mined diamond was “IF” (internally flawless) in clarity and 0.044 in dispersion/fire, while the DiamondAura was clear and 0.066 in dispersion. Now, for the last category—the one that caused me to do a double-take: Cost. The 2.5 c.t.w. (carat total weight) mined flawless diamond costs $60,000+. The DiamondAura costs $145. (Hot dog!) Now, I haven’t personally seen a DiamondAura ring (unless you count the image in the ad—which looks pretty good), but at that price, and with the cost of weddings these days, I thought they might be worth investigating. If anyone knows more about these intriguing new stones, please comment.

And happy hunting!

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